2018:  Sorry, we had no baby falcons this year.

As with many lofty metropolitan towers, the US Bank Center has made home to many falcon families over the years. For more than 20 years, falcons have nested atop the building in the southwest corner. Since 1987, 66 Peregrine Falcons have fledged from this nesting location.
What Happened to all the Young Produced at US Bank?


U.S. Bancorp is committed to a companywide environmental policy with initiatives that will have a long-term positive effect on the environment. The company put in place an Environmental Policy Manager and formed an Environmental Task Force, as well as engaged external stakeholder groups to contribute to the development of an Environmental Sustainability Policy.

The company’s commitment to best practices and their environmental policy includes energy conservation and a reduction in CO2 emissions at all of their owned and operated facilities. The US Bank Center is working to make a positive impact by increasing awareness and engagement among employees and building tenants to minimize the use of natural resources including energy and paper consumption. Energy-efficient lighting throughout the US Bank facilities, reduced energy usage, increased recycling practices and minimized paper usage are among some of the these important initiatives.